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Infectious Disease Research & Training

Advancing Health Through Pioneering Research

Recognising the inadequacy of existing diagnostic and therapeutic measures, our mission is to conduct cutting-edge research in basic and translational science. Simultaneously, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of African scientists, fostering a self-sustaining research institution that significantly contributes to evidence-based policy formulation and interventions.

Founded in 2012 by esteemed researchers Dr. Matthew Bates, PhD, and Dr. Kunda Musonda, MBChB, PhD, HERPEZ is a distinguished not-for-profit medical research organisation. Nestled within the confines of the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia, our primary focus revolves around infectious diseases—an area crucially impacting morbidity and mortality rates in low and middle income countries.


Our main area of research interest is in infectious diseases


We operate within a well-equipped research lab at the University Teaching Hospital

Research Papers

Landmark outputs of our pioneering research that are published for the healthcare community


A strong emphasis on training the next generation of African scientists

Research into Infectious Diseases

We are based at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka Zambia. Our main area of research interest is in infectious diseases which are important causes of morbidity and mortality in low and middle income countries and current diagnostic and therapeutic strategies are inadequate to address the burden of these diseases.

Our mission is to conduct cutting edge research in both basic and translational science while training the next generation of African scientists building self-sustaining research institution that positively contributes to scientific data driven policy and interventions.

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Empowering African Scientists

In the face of substantial healthcare challenges plaguing Africa, HERPEZ is at the forefront of a transformative movement. Our commitment is clear; to empower African biomedical and physician scientists, unleashing their potential to pioneer groundbreaking research. 

Through a virtuous cycle of sustainability, we equip these scientists with essential skills and infrastructure, facilitating cutting-edge research that not only advances knowledge but also directly influences improved patient outcomes and informed policy decisions. 

Our comprehensive training programmes enable researchers to identify critical problems, devise innovative solutions, and secure grants to fund their projects. The overheads generated from these grants seamlessly flow back into our organisation, further supporting the influx of incoming scientists. At HERPEZ, we believe in not just addressing challenges but building a sustainable legacy of scientific progress and healthcare improvement.

Location & Partnerships

Situated at the heart of the University Teaching Hospital, HERPEZ collaborates with a vast network encompassing approximately twenty community clinics, district and regional hospitals nationwide. While our roots lie in the Department of Paediatrics & Child Health, our collaborative efforts extend to the departments of Internal Medicine, Pathology & Microbiology, and Obstetrics & Gynaecology. 

Our affiliations further span across the esteemed University of Zambia School of Medicine, University of Zambia School of Veterinary Medicine, and the Zambian Ministry of Health. Within the hospital, we share a state-of-the-art research laboratory and maintain close collaboration with Bacteriology, Virology, and BSL3 TB labs.

Impact on Policy and Interventions

HERPEZ seek to positively contribute to data-driven policy decisions and interventions. By generating vital data through research, the organisation aims to influence healthcare policies and improve patient outcomes.

Vision for Sustainability

The organisation envisions creating a self-sustaining research institution that not only addresses immediate healthcare challenges but also fosters a virtuous cycle of sustainability.

Join us in our journey to make a lasting impact on healthcare in Africa

Funding and partnering with HERPEZ not only contributes to the ongoing support of the organisation but has a substantial influence on our research, and empowers our next generation of biomedical scientists in Africa.

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